Telecommunication Epbax Matrix ETERNITY PE6SP

Matrix Eternity PE6SP – EPABX Package is a family of IP – PBX solutions.

Originally designed for enterprise applications, the ETERNITY family now includes members suitable for SME and SMB segments.

In terms of the number of users, ETERNITY has solutions for organizations starting from 8 to 512 users.


  • Integrated Hybrid PBX ( IP and Traditional PBX )
  • Dynamic DNS ( DDNS )
  • Matrix ETERNITY IP – PBX can register as many as 999 IP users to VoIP SERV+TRK card.
  • Matrix ETERNITY PE VoIP SERV+TRK card supports 4, ETERNITY GE supports 16, and ETERNITY ME VoIP SERV+TRK card supports 32 calls at a time.
  • With ETERNITY ME16S as many as 999 VoIP calls can be possible


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