Telecommunication Epbax Matrix VISIONPRO 412

The Matrix VisionUltra 412 EPABX is one of the wonderful introductions to the world of EPBAX from the brand name Matrix. This EPBAX is listed as one of the most opted solutions for integrating communications, from business associations all around the globe.

The design of this Matrix VisionUltra 412 EPABX is finalized after thoroughly going through the procedures in which modern companies operate. The microcontroller is the core unit of this Matrix Vision Pro412 EPABX.

The built-in features of Matrix Vision 412 EPABX such as Security Dialler, DTMF, Internet Port, Auto Attendant, Remote programming, Output Port, etc., provide complete and secured control over every message that passes through your communication line.


  • Redial: Yes
  • Call Transfer: Yes
  • Dimensions(WxDxH)mm: 254x74x328
  • Distinctive Ringing: Yes
  • EPABX Type: Standard EPABX


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