Telecommunication Epbax Matrix VISIONPRO 308

EPBX is an ideal choice when you want to hand over various extensions to your staff. This is a unit that lets you handle the calls coming into your office easily and lets you decide how the calls should be distributed. The Vision Pro 308 by Matrix is ideal not just for medium-sized companies but even for small ones.

This EPBX will make call handling an easy task. All you have to do is to set up the way you want your calls to flow and leave the rest the way it is. It is very easy to use and handle and is portable since it is a small-sized PBX. You can also set a call-back number just in case it is needed.

Digital EPBX with 3 Trunks and 8 Analog Extensions Auto-Attendant, Compact Footprint, Dual 3 Party Conferences, No Speech Path Limitations, 100% Non-Blocking, 1 Port PFT, Power Fail Transfer, CLI (both DTMF and FSK).


  • Abbreviated Dialing
  • Alternate Number Dialing
  • Auto Callback
  • Auto Shut Dynamic Lock
  • Caller Line Identification


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